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Grimsby Chiropractor Offering the Best Care

An Integrated Approach to Health at in2gr8 health

Grimsby Chiropractor Dr. Mairianne Campbell has been in practice for over 15 years and focuses on treating the cause of your problem to relieve your symptoms AND restore proper function to give you back your active life. With our relaxed, friendly care, we’ll help you learn about how your body works and what you can do to help on your journey to health.

Small Changes for a Big Difference

True to our name, in2gr8 health will take a comprehensive look at your health picture to give you the best care. We call this ‘Lifestyle Medicine,’ which involves examining your life in terms of your previous medical history, family history, activities, work, diet, hydration, stress levels and more, to see where we can make small changes that will have a large impact on your health.

We’ll take it slow, so you’ll always feel comfortable but fast enough so you see the results you are looking for. Together, we’ll figure out what’s wrong, what’s impeding you from getting better and how we can reverse those adverse effects on your health.

“I want to take the time to fully understand your problem and concerns, so I can help you accomplish all your health goals.”

- Dr. Mairianne Campbell

The Best Care for Your Body

Dr. Campbell uses a variety of traditional and advanced techniques to give you the specific care that your body needs.

If you have been hesitant to try traditional chiropractic or are looking for something new – Impulse® Instrument Adjusting provides gentle, effective care and healing, without any twisting or “cracking”. It’s highly effective for disc pain, arthritis, frozen shoulders, headaches, and more.

In addition, Dr. Campbell is able to fit you for custom orthotics, taking pressure off your feet and pelvis and allowing the rest of your body to align properly and be restored to its highest function.

By “in2grating” different techniques, approaches and philosophies, Dr. Campbell’s complete approach to health can help even the most complex conditions get in2great health.

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